'We bring a blessing to the sick when we we visit them but we also leave their presence blessed by having visited them. There is love in giving just as there is love in receiving.' ~Ronald Rolheiser

How often do we come across occasions when we don't have any words to say. It might be with a bereaved person who has just lost a loved one, someone with an illness, an elderly parent with dementia or someone who is going through a very difficult time. Words never come easy but our presence is worth thousands of words. Even when we feel awkward or unsure or even feel its a waste of time is when our presence makes a real and lasting difference. We sometimes associate blessings just with religious. But blessings can be given by anyone and the greatest blessing is your presence and how your presence can bless someone many times over in ways you might never expect. We ask God today to help us appreciate that our presence brings many blessings to many people each day.
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