‘I now feel enfolded in a marvellous plan of God which is slowly being unveiled to me’ ~Chiara Badanoan

Last month Pope Benedict approved the beatification of Chiara Badanoan who died on Oct 7th 1990 at the age of 18. We sometimes associate beatifications and saints with older people but Chiara’s story is a truly remarkable one. Her death from bone cancer looked like an empty tragedy but it was her attitude during her illness that made such a difference. As a teenager growing up in Turin, she was always active, loved sport and had many friends. Her diagnosis of cancer didn’t affect her outlook on life and she continued to be brave, courageous and a bright light throughout her terminal illness. When asked once by the medical team as to how she managed her positive attitude and warm affectionate smile she said: “I try to love Jesus as much as I can.” A miracle soon followed after her death. A young boy in Italy was dying from meningitis. His organs were shutting down. There was no way to save his life. His parents learned of Chiara’s story and sought her intersession. He was fully healed. Her beatification will take place in a few months time and a reminder how God still works in ways we least expect.
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