'The most exhausting thing in life is being insincere.' ~Anne Lindberg

A story is told about St.Francis walking towards a town with a fellow friar. Just before they enter, Francis turns to his companion and tells him he plans on preaching the gospel there. As they walk through, Francis laughs and plays with the children, comforts someone ill on the side of the road and prays with an elderly man who had just lost his wife. As they are leaving, the companion of Francis looks at him and says, "I thought you were going to preach the gospel." Francis turned to him and said "I just did." So often we put our expectations of God on a pedestal. We can have lots of nice words, fancy prayers, scripture quotes off by heart, but all of that is in vain unless our motives are sincere and honest. Prayers are important but unless we are open to finding God in our day to day lives, we may as well not bother. Like St.Francis we can experience God closer to us than we can possibly imagine.
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