'Often in the evening, I reflect on the people I have met that day. I remember them in prayer, aware of life moving, changing and growing. Time, though fragile and passing seems to have an eternal dimension. One evening I wrote: "time stands still here, a time beyond the daily chime or ticking of the clock, a rhythm in tune, with eternity". ~Patricia Byrne

Time for the most part seems to go by quickly. We plan lots of things in any given day and time allows us to do only so much. Sometimes when we plan better, we can push to one side activities that eat time and are not life giving. We can concentrate on those things that really matter, those things that need priority and importantly give us energy and life. Putting such a plan in place is easier said than done, but the benefits are impressive and noticeable. It is also so healthy and wise to recall at the end of each day those moments where time seemed to stand still. It was a moment that was special and one that we would have liked to stay in. Time pushed us on but in recalling the beauty of that moment later, we are in in some sense in touch with eternity. In recalling one or more of those moments at the end of any day, is in fact a beautiful prayer to God.
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