'Team means Together Everyone Achieves More!' ~Author Unknown

There's a story told of a horse pull event at a county fair. In one event one horse pulled 3,500kgs and another 4,000 kgs. Together they would be expected to pull 7,500 kgs. However, when they were paired together, the two horses were able to pull a total weight of 15,000kgs. It is called the principle of synergy. More can be done through team effort than can be accomplished by each individual member. In order for the principle of synergy to work, there has to be teamwork. We depend so much on teamwork and without it we fail to make progress. The Junior Cert results came out yesterday. The results were impressive and positive. As the results were shared and given out there was a great sense of team and that they had achieved something significant and important. In every community be it school, parish, leisure place or work a sense of team is vitally important. Even when it comes to faith matters it's an impossible journey on our own but sharing our faith journey with others makes life meaningful, purposeful and gives it a definite sense of direction.
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