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'I'm Heading Straight For You'!!
(Archived on Friday - August - 06/08/2010 )

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  Photo was taken at Flatanger, Norway  
How do you get so close to a fox? Well it's all about timing and tactics. If you place food along their trail they will appreciate it and come back for more the following night. I was lying flat down on the ground for this photo with a long lens. When taking pictures you have to have patience but so worth it when you get a pic like this.


Thought on Friday - August - 06/08/2010

'A candle flame has a fascination for people of all ages. It is a kind of living thing; it breathes the air and drinks the molten wax to nourish its life. Though it stirs occasionally like a sleeping baby, it lives mostly in silent contemplation.' ~Ned Grace

A candle can represent many different things for people. A candle is comforting, consoling, uplifting and can be a sign of great hope particularly during a difficulty or crisis. The candle can also represent people who live quiet lives. These people may not grab the headlines and may not do anything seemingly extra ordinary. Yet these people are truly inspirational. They may be quiet in the background but their value and importance can never be measured. Big strong spotlights are prone to breaking down and giving up at the wrong time. But you can always rely on the safe and steady light of a candle. Even in total darkness, the light of a candle is truly extra ordinary. Today is a day to thank God for those people in our lives who mirror a candle, quiet and gently getting on with what needs to be done. These people continue to inspire, nurture and bless us all.

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