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'Mid Summer's Day 2010'
(Archived on Monday - June - 21/06/2010 )

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  Photo was taken last evening behind Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)  
Today is mid Summer's Day. The sunset in our photo today was taken at 10pm last evening. Beautiful sunshine across Ireland at the moment is giving everyone a chance to enjoy the blessings that come with this time of year. We can expect 17 hours of unlimited sunshine today, 2 hours of twilight and only 5 hours of darkness!


Thought on Monday - June - 21/06/2010

‘There is genuine pride in South Africa that it has successfully organised the World Cup. It is another indicator that it is coming of age as a country and that the confidence which comes from organising such an event will spill over into other areas of life, not just in South Africa but in other African nations also’ ~Seán McDonagh

The World Cup has really failed to ignite so far. Most of the games have been dull and boring with much talk about hard pitches, a French team in disarray, an impossible ball and the incredibly noisy vuvuzelas. Did you know that the metre long plastic trumpet called a vuvuzela emits more than 127 decibels which is louder than a chainsaw! Can you imagine trying to watch a game with a few of those behind you? The argument that it is a tradition is rather shallow considering the vuvuzela is a relatively new invention. But whether it’s a vuvuzela or something else we live in a noisy world. We have grown accustomed to noise everywhere and anywhere. Silence is something that we have grown uncomfortable with and yet we all have a deep yearning for silence and quiet time. We meet God best in our lives during quieter moments. Silence is a precious gift. It’s all about seeking those quieter moments that work best for us.

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