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'On My Own'
(Archived on Sunday - March - 21/03/2010 )

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  Photo was taken up in the Galtee Mountains, Co.Tipperary, (Irl)  
There are many beautiful walkways up in the Galtee mountains. This tree marks the spot when you begin to move from the lower slopes up to the higher slopes. The higher slopes means the temperatures are much lower and just too low for decidious trees to go.
Apologies for today's pic being a repeat from archive. Unfortunately I was away Sat night with no access to my photo albums. We'll be back to normal for Monday's page!!


Thought on Sunday - March - 21/03/2010

Our Thought Today is by Fr.Tom Cahill

Somebody once said that just because he had 99 per cent of the DNA that Beethoven had that didn’t make him a musician. Luckily, there’s more to being human than DNA. Otherwise, we might be embarrassed by the fact that a worm, whose pet name is C. Elegans, shares up to 80 per cent of our genetic material. Next time you call someone a worm you might be more accurate than you think! Some 4,000 of these low-life wigglers left their usual haunts of rubbish dumps and compost heaps last November for higher things – 322 kilometres higher to be exact. They became wormonauts aboard the space shuttle Atlantis. Not in the least interested in being upwardly mobile, they went nevertheless on a seven-million kilometre journey so that scientists could study the effects of space travel on muscle-wastage.

Being upwardly mobile is what Paul yearns for in today’s second reading (Phil 3:8-14) but in a special way: the resurrection way. Paul yearns for something above and beyond his lot in life. And so he should. Genesis tells us imaginatively that we have come from the dust of the earth, not that we’ve been created to live in it. Our calling is to rise. Paul describes this as knowing the power of Christ’s resurrection (3:10). When evil tries to put us, and keep us, in the dirt we must not forget that we are called to higher things – not just 322 kilometres out in space, but throughout the vastness of eternity once we’re transformed through dying. Want to worm your way out of that one?

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