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'Stepping It Out'
(Archived on Thursday - March - 18/03/2010 )

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  Photo was taken at the St.Patrick's Day Parade yesterday, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)  
Hundreds of parades took place in cities, towns and villages all over Ireland and indeed across the world yesterday. In Ireland the weather was perfect, mild and dry for the most part. Our photo today is of Millstreet Set Dancers stepping it out in front of a large crowd at the 5pm parade yesterday in Millstreet.


Thought on Thursday - March - 18/03/2010

'In this time of Lent, we have more time to reflect. Reflection is not only good for your soul, it's good for the souls and hearts of those around you. Reflection is a cleansing and Lent brings us to a slow motion time, when we begin to think about the goodness in our lives.' ~Maxi

Reflection is always a good thing to do each day. If we reflect back on yesterday it has to be said that St.Patrick's Day was a huge success, particularly with the weather allowing so many people to be out and about. Reflection at a deeper level will always take much more time. Lent gives us such an opportunity. There may only be two weeks left to go but there is still plenty of time to reflect on what's really important in our lives. It has been repeatedly said that our lives are so busy that we miss out on all the important moments in our lives. No one can change this but ourselves. It is easy when reflecting to zoom in only on the negative and bad news. It is essential that we always bring balance and also reflect on our own goodness of which there is an endless supply around. If reflection is about cleansing and Lent bringing us into slow motion time, then the next two weeks can be spiritually very productive.

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