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'Standing Proud And Tall'
(Archived on Wednesday - February - 10/02/2010 )

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  Photo was taken at Fota Gardens, near Cobh, Co.Cork (IrL)  
A bunch of snowdrops remind us that spring is beginning to take hold. This year many of our snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils are behind schedule because of the big freeze last month.


Thought on Wednesday - February - 10/02/2010

ĎAn instant of pure love is more precious to God and the soul, than all other good works together. Often it may seem as if nothing were done. ~St. John of the Cross

It is often the case that we underestimate the potential of the little and small. Our day is predominantly made up of whatís ordinary and routine. Any little moment where love is the starting point is precious and unique. Put a few of these moments together across any day and you have something special. Sometimes they may seem almost insignificant, common and hardly worth the effort. Yet such moments have the finger of God on them. These moments are the heartbeat of life and the heartbeat of God. Even in the midst of a crisis, darkness or difficult time in our lives, these moments are a lifeline. Everyone can create them and this day is probably the most important in generating one or more of them. When it may seem that you have done nothing at all, is in fact the moment when you have done something far more significant than you will probably ever realise.

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