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'Bad Manners!!'
(Archived on Thursday - January - 28/01/2010 )

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  Photo was taken at the RDS, Dublin (Irl)  
This lizard looks really unwelcoming and unfriendly but in fact was really quiet and gentle. It kept sticking out its tongue as a form of communication during the recent Young Scientist Exhibition.


Thought on Thursday - January - 28/01/2010

‘Everyone must learn to believe in someone or something so deeply that life is charged with meaning and a sense of mission. And the more one dedicates oneself to this meaning and mission, the more such a person will develop a sense of profound and personal belonging and discover the reality of community.’ ~John Powell

We were never made for isolation. Somehow we crave for companionship, meaning, a sense of purpose and direction in our lives. We all know how racing pigeons can find their way home. When left off they don't fly straight in the direction they're supposed to go. Instead they will circle many times as they find their bearings and then they set off. It's called the homing instinct. We too have that within us. It takes the form of an inner restlessness and discontent. It is to be seen as a blessing. Just as the homing instinct of a racing pigeon doesn't protect them in their struggle with wind and rain, so it is with us. Our belief in a loving God doesn’t protect us from the knocks of life but it does charge our life with meaning and purpose. Today is a good day to reconnect with whomever and whatever gives our life meaning and hope.

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