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'Summer Colour'
(Archived on Wednesday - June - 23/06/2021 )

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  Photo was taken last weekend at Griffins Gardening Centre, Dripsey, Co.Cork (Irl)  
This basket of flowers was particularly eye catching at the weekend. It is with sadness to see Griffins Gardening Centre in transition. It is being taken over by new management over the coming months. We thank Margaret Griffin and all her staff for making this one of the best gardening centres in Ireland. Hopefully the new management will keep it thriving and flourishing and we wish them the very best

On This Day
On June 23rd 2016 the Brexit referendum took place: United Kingdom votes to leave the European Union

Birthdays Today
Colin Montgomerie (Golfer) is 58
Zindeine Zidan (Former French Footballer) is 49
Amie Ann Duffy (Singer) is 37


Thought on Wednesday - June - 23/06/2021

Tilting Towards God:

We had the longest day of the year on Monday. The biggest tilt towards the sun is at this time of year and it is possible to get 17 hours of sunshine any day this week.

From a spiritual point of view we are always invited to tilt towards God and everything that is good and life giving. We are equally invited to tilt away from negativity, bitterness and darkness. Nature has worked out that balance over millions of years.

The invitation on the longest days of the year is to tilt even a little, to something good and worthwhile in our lives. We remember the words of Jesus: "Come to me all who are weary and overburdened and I will give you rest."

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