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'Which Way?'
(Archived on Friday - November - 05/11/2010 )

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  Photo was taken at U.C.C (Irl)  
A pathway comes to a junction at U.C.C. Either option is a lovely autumn walk.


Thought on Friday - November - 05/11/2010

'We grown-ups don't always say what we think. We hide our anxieties and worry that our fears will appear foolish. We don't say what we mean for a variety of complicated reasons. We are often scared that what we feel and think don't matter. We try to behave in certain ways because we are afraid that who we are, isn't loveable or is in some way wrong.' ~Cathy Kelly

A child will always tell things as they are. What you see is what you get. Adults are much more reserved and cautious. We hide behind masks, we put on a brave face and we do our best to show that everything is ok. Maybe we are afraid of being judged, not heard, not understood and maybe a feeling that we are not loved. But whatever our reservations we need to tell ourselves that this is not so. In every single one of us there is a deep reserve of love and kindness. We bring something special and important to every day. We might not think so but our loving God who created each of us believes totally in our deep reserve. Even when we are in trouble, feeling upset or anxious it is so important that we talk and share. The current recession and waves of depressing news hitting us each day do not help at all. There is the temptation to retreat and hide. But no one can take away our deep reserves of love, kindness and goodness. It is these deep reserves that will get us through our fears, worries and uncertainties.

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