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'Our Little Princess' Léana Martin 2002-2010
(Archived on Wednesday - November - 03/11/2010 )

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  Photo of Léana with her Mum and Dad, was taken in the woods near Courtmacsherry, West Cork during the summer of 2007  
Yesterday the Mass of the Angels took place in Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Ballinlough, Cork for Léana Martin. Léana is the daughter of Michéal and Mary and sister of Michéal, Aoibhe and Cillian. Léana died in Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London, last Friday.


Thought on Wednesday - November - 03/11/2010

'Léana was the beautiful light in all our lives. She was love personified, she radiated love in all directions. Every day was a happy day for Léana. When she smiled the room lit up. Her smile melted every heart and made you smile too. She touched so many people in so many different ways. She enriched us all. As a family we are heartbroken and we will miss this beautiful light in our lives. Her smile will always stay with us and Léana's spirit will always be with us. We thank you Léana for all you brought to us. We will always love you, our little Princess.' ~Leana's Dad Michéal speaking at her funeral Mass yesterday

The death of a child is indeed truly harrowing. The death of Léana Martin has touched so many near and far. Her Mass of the Angels was so moving yesterday. It was simple and down to earth but it bubbled with life and meaning. Léana taught us everything that's important in life. She taught us simplicity, how to smile and how to live in the present moment. She taught us everything we need to know about love. Léana wasn't interested in yesterday or tomorrow but lived in the present moment. For her those moments were built on and around love. The death of Léana reminds us all just how fragile life actually is. When we are heartbroken, lost, lonely and confused we have to dig deep. We sometimes can't make sense of God's ways or the complexities of life. Sometimes we just have to live the unanswered questions in all our lives. The opening lines from yesterday's liturgy probably sum it up best: "God gives life and God takes life away. And the taking away is so terribly painful, because what God gives is so very good."

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