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'Wedding Smiles'
(Archived on Sunday - October - 03/10/2010 )

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  Photo was taken yesterday in the Church of St.James, Ballinora, Cork (Irl)  
At the end of Stephen O'Regan and Rebecca O'Sullivan's wedding Mass, I went for the camera and got them 2 give me their biggest smile for Today FM's US. US is a book they are going to put together for charity, featuring lots of pics taken yesterday. The radio station asked people all over Ireland to send in photographs to Today FM of wherever they were, whoever they were with, or whatever they were doing across the day.


Thought on Sunday - October - 03/10/2010

The following reflection is by Tom Cahill

I wonder can a gene affect a soul, or spirit, that part of us that doesn't show up even under the most intense scans, or the most powerful of microscopes? It's strange then that in today's First Reading (Hab 1:2-3, 2:2-4), dating from about 600 bc, the prophet Habakkuk could shrewdly note 'the spirit of the proud is not right in them' (2:4). There's something wrong with them; something askew inside them. But I doubt if knowing their DNA sequence would right their spirit.

When it comes to having a right spirit inside us, I'd say right parents are needed. A survey by the Catholic Children's Society of the Westminster Diocese reported that on average people give one hour daily to primetime TV shows, but only 49 minutes daily to their children. Some 68 percent of parents said that their need for money was the reason for giving so little time to their children. The Catholic Children's Society said that from experience they know that children need relational stability, the self-esteem that comes from feeling valued for who they are and knowing they're loved by their parents. DNA is undoubtedly important: Deeply Needed Attention, that is.

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