(Oct 1st) was the feast day of St Therese and she is one of the most popular saints of our time. Her huge appeal is not that she did extra ordinary things but that she did the little things extraordinary well. She found that she was closest to God when she was doing the simplest and most mundane tasks. The spectacular and sensational always attracts interest and sometimes hype. Celebrities are always in the spotlight. But this was never a part of her life.

Her message has great relevance for the world we live in today. The need to focus on quality rather than drifting aimlessly through hype and sensationalism is important. The good news is that there is so much quality to be found in the small and ordinary moments of our everyday lives. The feast day of St Therese reminds us to celebrate our quality moments. We don't have to live up to the many shallow moments that the world sometimes encourages us to follow. We need to be proud of our quality and to know that no other person has the unique qualities that you have.
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