Thought For The Week

'The amazing thing about prayer is that it equally helps the pray-er and the pray-ee. Maybe if we were charged a fee to pray we would have a better sense of its value. Of course, no one could afford it, for the value of prayer is priceless' ~Vickie Girard

There has been much written and said about prayer. The one common link with anyone sharing their thoughts on prayer is its great benefits. There is no denying the difficulties either. We expect immediate results. It's easy to go into a shop, buy what you want and see the results for what you buy. If only the same could be said of prayer.

Prayer is so much different. Results as we know are not immediate and obvious. But this perhaps is where the real blessing of prayer is. Prayer is never a waste of time and every attempt to connect with God does bring a blessing.

Each prayer firmly grounds us in the present moment. When we pray we bring whatever is going on in our lives. Sometimes it's good and upbeat. Sometimes it's ugly, desperate and dark. But God never judges any prayer but accepts us as we are. Most importantly we are also loved as we are.

The simplest and best prayer is to take a quiet moment. We live in a noisy and busy world, so we have to make this quiet moment happen. Use the quiet moment to be still, to gather your thoughts, to reflect, to give thanks, to ask for something, to pray for someone. Such a quiet moment needs honesty and even if this quiet moment is only a minute or two, it is time so well spent. No money can buy the blessings of such a moment in prayer.
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