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'We live in a world of measurement. We are constantly comparing ourselves to others. The world of measurement is the driving force of social media. I allowed measurement bring me down. And so I changed my mind set to "I am a contribution." By saying a contribution, I put energy behind everything I can now do within my capabilities. I now do as much as I can do, knowing I'm not perfect. I have allowed myself to just do my best.' ~Dessie Fitzgerald

There was an inspirational talk given last Friday in the Celtic Ross Hotel, Rosscarbery by Dessie Fitzgerald to over 400 young people from West Cork Secondary Schools, as part of a student enterprise conference. During his moving speech he spoke about losing two of his brothers and how he suffered a devastating freak accident that left him confined to a wheelchair within the space of just 14 months.

Dessie talked about how he has adopted a new outlook on life and how he wants to help others. His world was turned upside-down in August 2011, when his brother Mike died by suicide. A few months later, Dessie suffered a freak accident in a hurling match that left him confined to a wheelchair. Just over a year later he lost another brother James, who died of adult death syndrome. He was just 16. As Dessie said: "If I was lost beforehand you can imagine what I was like now. Words can't describe how low I was, and how low I felt."

During his talk he gave a captivated audience some great tips and advice, on how to overcome obstacles and challenges. He encouraged the young people present by saying: "Be proud of who you are and everything you have overcome. We are not put in this world to be stagnant and still. We are here to expand and grow. Don't let fear of what others might think of you hold you back. Just be yourself'

These words can also speak to any age group and I hope some of them will resonate with you too.

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