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Saint of tooday
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'Holy Saturday'
  Photo was taken on Tramore Beach, Co.Waterford (Irl)  
From the archive we have these multi coloured beach stones. They really stood out on Tramore beach as the tide was about to come back in.

This photo reminds me of the symbolism of the stones and how they represent you, me and so many other people. They are of different shapes, colours and sizes and yet each one is as important as the next.
Thought For Today

'We collect strands of courage like treasures from the deep. Courage is open to life, to decency, to fair play and always concerns itself with all the little challenges of life. When we find it in another human being it has magnetic attractiveness. When we discover it in ourselves we know God's indwelling.' ~Niall Ahern

How do you sum up the events of Good Friday? What sort of words could we use to describe what Jesus went through? Words truly fail but any attempt would have to include bravery, courage, incredible inner strength, total love, forgiveness, grief, horror, devastation and darkness. Today is Holy Saturday, a day of waiting and expectation. It is a day to have courage and lots of it. The disciples on Holy Saturday locked themselves away they were so frightened. Who could blame them? We too may be frightened because of circumstances and events in our lives and in the world around us. But the words of Jesus to us today are: 'Have courage. Be brave. Do not be afraid. I am with you.' Tomorrow Easter Sunday is the reason why and a day to really celebrate. Happy Easter!

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