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'Designer Lights'
  Photo was taken yesterday at Coláiste Choilm, Ballincollig, Co.Cork (Irl)  
TY Journalism Photography class worked on special light effects by opening up the shutter speed to create different effects. This particular photo was a short strip of led lights and then turning them like a skipping rope. The shutter speed was open for four seconds to create the effect. Great fun was had by all as you can well imagine!
Thought For Today

Thought For The Week

'There is nothing ugly. I never saw an ugly thing in my life - light and shade and perspective will always make it beautiful.' ~John Constable

John Constable was a famous English painter around 200 years ago. His paintings picked up very much on his attitude to life. He wrote, "the world is wide, no two days are alike, nor even two hours. There have never been two leaves of a tree alike since the creation of the world." His paintings picked up the beauty of the present moment. For him there was nothing ugly and even if there was it could be made into something beautiful. His paintings were new and refreshing and his work continues to inspire today.

There is also a spiritual parallel too. How often we get caught up in the ugly, thinking little of ourselves, putting ourselves down and even allowing others do it to us. Over time it's possible to believe that there is nothing else about ourselves, only the ugly and negative. The invitation of the scripture readings is that we are beautiful, valued and loved by God. Instead of embracing what's ugly about ourselves we are called to celebrate everything good and beautiful that we have to offer. There is so much to be found within each of us. Too many have given up this search. Today is a great day to begin to push aside the ugly and celebrate the good within you.

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