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'Snow Meeting!'
  Sheep gather in the snowy fields around High Bradfield, UK as further snow showers push down from the North
Photo by the Press Association
Thought For Today

Thought For The Week

"Our very life is a gift and it is filled with many gifts or talents. We all seem to get a different share out of God's gifts. I can spend my life wishing I had what someone else was given. I wish I looked like him, could sing like her, or be as wealthy as someone else. I could spend my life wishing I was someone else, and never come to any level of appreciation of what I am, and what gifts I possess." ~Jack McArdle

Last Sunday (Jan 25th) was the feast of the conversion of St Paul and is always a reminder that each day can be full of surprise, possibility and positivity. There have been many significant turnaround stories throughout history and Paul stands high in the list. He was a bully, a dictator and a persecutor. He was mean, hard, cruel and ruthless particularly to the early Christians. But significantly he put his past behind, did a massive u turn and became famous for his missionary work and the spread of the Gospel. We may not do such a dramatic turnaround in our lives but we can certainly leave some of our past behind.

The RTE programme 'Operation Transformation', is a huge success every year during the weeks of January and February. It is built on change. The programme instils confidence in thousands of people to get out exercising. The programme also encourages us to begin to eat better and healthier. The key to its success is not that we have to make massive sweeping changes in our lifestyle but to make small and significant changes. It is these changes that make the biggest impact.

When it comes to spiritual matters we don't have to do something as spectacular as St Paul. But one key change we could make is to begin to treasure what we have and particularly our own special gifts. So often we search for happiness elsewhere, wishing we had what others have. So instead of frantically searching everywhere and elsewhere, why not make the small change of starting to appreciate and treasure what we have.

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