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'As Close As We Can Get!'
(Archived on Saturday - June - 06/06/2020 )

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  Photo from the archive was taken at Salthill, Galway (Irl)  
Two of the Red Arrow jets come really close and show the amazing skills of the pilots. Its probably routine for these pilots but for everyone watching below it was breath taking stuff.


Thought on Saturday - June - 06/06/2020

'It can be a long human trek to the heart. How hard many of us find it to get in touch, with how we really feel deep down. Whole lives can be lived and wasted without once knowing how they feel. Whole life spans can be spent without ever having truly lived.' ~Joe Armstrong

Different parts of the world vary but in the western world we are totally focussed on the externals. We sweep along with a daily run of non stop events. The pace is usually hectic and it leaves little space for quiet time or reflection. We seldom look within or take the time to check in on how we are genuinely feeling. Men (and I include myself here) are the worst culprits. When asked how do we feel the response is normally, "Fine", "Grand", "Sound". It's an invisible wall we put up and it needs to be knocked. There is a huge need to bring some balance back in and to spend some little time being honest with our innermost feelings. It's an area of our lives that is so overlooked and neglected. It's time to journey inward. A little done consistently over time would make such a difference.

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