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'Splash Of Colour'
(Archived on Monday - June - 15/06/2020 )

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  I went into the archive to get this photo but I have no idea where I took it!  
Today we celebrate the feast day of Corpus Christi


Thought on Monday - June - 15/06/2020

Thought For The Week

'Cooking and baking demands attention, patience and above all a respect for the gifts of the earth. It is a form of worship and a way of giving thanks.' ~Judith B Jones

One blessing that has come out of the Covid-19 pandemic is a huge surge of interest in home baking. At one stage the shelves in all our grocery stores were out of flour such was the demand. Parents with children at home due to school closures came up with different ways of using time throughout the day.

The feedback has been that baking was one of the activities the children really enjoyed. We all know that there is nothing like the taste of fresh homemade baking. There are so many recipes out there and many of them are straightforward and easy.

There are also many recipes out there to nourish us spiritually. Some fall short but many are life giving, personal and priceless. The ones that work best are often the ones that are simple, often done quietly and without fuss. The God we believe in can never be tied down to one exclusive recipe.

Each spiritual recipe should allow us to express our inner most thoughts and to be free to say what we want. It should allow us to turn to God in prayer, be it a few simple words or sometimes the days when we have no words. If it works for you, then your recipe is precious, priceless and something to treasure each day.

Yesterday we celebrated one recipe that we call Corpus Christi. This feast day is a celebration of Jesus Christ who is the center of our world, our lives and everything we do. Many towns and villages still have the tradition of a Corpus Christi procession. While they won't take place tomorrow, the feast day is a reminder to give thanks for the blessings Jesus brings into all of our lives, today and every day.

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