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'After The Rain'
(Archived on Friday - February - 21/02/2020 )

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  Photo was taken from 'An Riasc' farmhouse B&B, on the Dingle Peninsula, Co.Kerry (Irl)  
After heavy rain the clouds began to break up allowing the sinking sun to cast beautiful colours over a range of hills known locally as 'The Three Sisters' with the Atlantic Ocean in the background. Like any sunset the special moment only lasted minutes.


Thought on Friday - February - 21/02/2020

Thought For The Week

'Sickness is one of the real things of life and the manner in which we address sickness tells us something of what we think of life.' ~Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

We tend to push sickness to one side so that we can concentrate on the real things of life. Sickness has and will always be a part of life. The funeral took place of Keelin Shanley during the week. She was a much loved journalist and newsreader who worked with RTE for many years. Her battle with cancer is a reminder how sickness can affect anyone at any time.

Last week we also celebrated World Day For Sick people. It is an awareness day and a prayer day, that coincides with the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes on Feb 11th. Prayers were said in many churches on that day for our sick. Such an event is not random or done in isolation.

It is a recognition that for many sick people, their world has been turned upside down. It is not an easy time or an easy journey for them. We walk in solidarity with them holding the light of hope and healing. We don't have all the answers or the words but we are willing to hold the light. This light can make all the difference and it shows how genuine love, care and concern is what really matters.

Jesus spent much of his time with sick people. He didn't preach to them or never told them to 'offer it up'. His miracles with sick people were not done to show off. His down to earth humanity, love and compassion is a reminder that he cared deeply about those who were sick. He reminded them of their dignity and that even in their darkest hour he would be with them. Nothing has changed. Every sickness is uniquely personal, a challenge and an opportunity. We pray for all our sick and for all who give of their time, love and energy in looking after each person.

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