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'Storm Dennis'
(Archived on Sunday - February - 16/02/2020 )

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  Huge waves crash against the sea wall at Porthcawl, south Wales as Storm Dennis sweeps in over Ireland and the UK  
Picture by Getty Images


Thought on Sunday - February - 16/02/2020

Thought For The Week

'Inside of our marriages, families, churches, friendships and places of work we cannot promise that we won't disappoint each other. But we can promise that we won't walk away because of disappointment and hurt.' ~Ronald Rolheiser

Election Day in Ireland last Saturday, was the main story across Ireland for a few days. The long wait is finally over for our politicians and their followers. Democracy has a powerful voice because people have had their say. As the drama of the election unfolded, there were celebrations but also disappointments too.

Disappointments are part and parcel of life. Any attempt on our behalf to try and completely avoid disappointments will never work. The world we live in today strives for perfection and there is little room allowed for mistakes, disappointments and failure. The biggest stumbling block in many things we do each day is striving for perfection and trying to get everything right.

A key area in working with young people is to help them deal with mistakes, disappointments and failure. Their world often crumbles when faced with disappointments and failure. Their resilience levels have lowered compared to previous generations. They cannot be blamed for this entirely. As we know society has put young people under a lot of pressure because of high expectations and technology developments, especially in the whole area of social media.

When we set incredibly highs standards and when we expect a lot from others we are going to be disappointed. No person is the complete package. We do let each other down. Disappointments and hurt are an intricate part of life. They can't be avoided. The only response is to be there for each other.

In our Gospel stories we see how Jesus recognised how people get burdened with problems, hurts and disappointments. One of his most famous and beautiful lines is: "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest." In our failures, setbacks, uncertainties and disappointments we need support, reassurance, and encouragement. We need to be told "It's ok", and especially to be told this during our darkest hour and darkest moments.

Our prayer this weekend is: "Lord, we ask you to be with us through the many events of our daily lives. We especially ask you to be with us during our difficulties and disappointments too. Help us to feel your light and love. Help us to know you are close and near to us always. Amen."

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