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'Reminders Of Spring'
(Archived on Wednesday - March - 24/03/2010 )

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  Photo was taken in Glanmire, Co.Cork (Irl)  
These catkins are another reminder today of the arrival of spring. It may be a good few weeks late but it has an unstoppable momentum at the moment.


Thought on Wednesday - March - 24/03/2010

‘There’s a saying that even God can’t change the past. Whether God can or not, we know for certain that God doesn’t change the past and with good reason. There’s too much for us to learn from our personal experiences and pasts to change them.’ ~Anne Costa

We have all made mistakes in the past, some of them mild and harmless, while some of them deeply embarrassing and painful. Making peace with our past is an ongoing activity. Wiping away painful memories is not easy and it is sometimes tempting to push them to one side. But when we do they have a habit of hitting us back at some time and often when we least expect. It is good to acknowledge that we are different today compared to what we were in the past. Even though it may seem that we do not change, we do. We have learnt from where we went wrong in the past and we are much stronger today because of it. No one and especially God wants us to burdened today because of our past. We need to hold our heads high and to be open and honest about our shortcomings. But most importantly we need to believe that we have so much to give today. Nothing and certainly not our past can ever stop us from believing this.

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