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'Friendly Robin'
(Archived on Sunday - October - 27/10/2019 )

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  Photo was taken at Griffin's Gardening Centre, Dripsey, Co.Cork (Irl)
From the archive 10 years ago
This robin was guest of honour at the restaurant in Griffin's Gardening Centre. It was being generously fed crumbs from different tables who were fascinated by this friendly robin. Eventually it landed on the chair next to me and of course the camera was at hand to capture the moment!


Thought on Sunday - October - 27/10/2019

'If we want to be at peace, to feel good about ourselves and to celebrate being alive, then we need to focus in on the good in life. History has shown that human beings can be reduced or even destroyed by succumbing to evil, either by passively accepting it or by actively doing it.' ~Roy McLoughry

One of the greatest campaigners for peace was Gandhi. He often said on his travels that non-cooperation with evil is a sacred duty. He could see that evil destroys. He knew it had the ability to eat away at confidence, hope and our sense of worth. Today evil has been glamorised through modern technology, television and the internet. It promises much but delivers on so little. Evil and wrong doing are powerful forces that can shadow and even block out the effects of good news stories. It is up to each one of us to reject evil and to choose something good and positive in its place. Others may not be as enthusiastic but it is up to us to lead the way in nurturing all good news.

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