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'Mountain Top Views'
(Archived on Tuesday - August - 31/08/2021 )

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  Photo by djedj from Pixabay  
A mountain top view with a stunning view


Thought on Tuesday - August - 31/08/2021

'Most of life is routine, dull and grubby but routine is the momentum that keeps each of us going.' ~Ben Nicholas

Many schools will be returning this week after the summer holidays. For some children it is a very exciting day and their parents as they begin school for the first time. For others they have made the transition to secondary school and begin a whole new journey. There is a growing optimism that school life will feel a little more normal after all the Covid restrictions earlier in the year. Yes, there is a long way to go but we are certainly going in the right direction.

When students gather after a summer break there is so much swapping and sharing of stories about what happened during the holidays. This is always a lovely part of the return to school after the summer holidays. There is a recalling of the places that were visited, the fun that was had and the lovely weather that made it so much better.

The following is a short prayer as we return to school

Loving God, our creator, the source of our blessings, our companion, bless the journey of a new school year that we now begin. Bless our teachers and friends as we make our way back to the classrooms for another year. Help everyone to feel the excitement and joy in the promise of a new start. Give us everything we need to start our classes. Give us imagination and creativity to make wonders out of what we do have.

We ask you to refresh our souls and renew our spirits. We welcome those who are new to our school community and may they settle in well during the coming days and weeks. Strengthen all of us to share the wonderful gifts you have given to each of us. We ask you to gently guide and direct everyone each day in your loving care. We ask this in your name. Amen

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