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'One Step At A TIme'
(Archived on Thursday - May - 30/05/2019 )

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  Photo was taken last Tuesday at Gougane Barra, West Cork (Irl)  
A section of a group of Cork Secondary School Chaplains cross over some huge rocks as part of a Retreat Day in Gougane Barra. Normally a river is pouring over these rocks but lack of rain recently has meant much lower water levels.


Thought on Thursday - May - 30/05/2019

Thought For The Week

"In the same way you too must build your life on good solid foundations that will last and endure." ~Matthew 7:27

In secondary schools all over Ireland during the week, Graduation Masses and Graduation Ceremonies took place for Leaving Cert students. Every school puts great planning into the ceremony and it is always one of the highlights of the school year. It is a celebration of the journey of each student through the school, a celebration of their unique gifts and talents, a celebration of their contribution to life so far and looking forward in hope to new beginnings. It is a time to pause and reflect on the many memories made during their time in school.

I had the privilege during the week of celebrating Leaving Cert Graduation Masses in Rosscarbery and Bantry. Both occasions were uplifting, spiritual, meaningful, respectful and a wonderful celebration of the young people present. It was an acknowledgement of how important good solid foundations are for all of us on our journey through life. The fast pace of the world we live in today does not always guarantee such solid foundations. Building solid foundations is a lifelong task and we all have a part to play.

In Col"iste Pobail Bheanntra" (Bantry Community College), we finished with a ceremony of light. A candle was passed from a Grandparent to a Parent and then to their child. Here are the words that were used:
"Parents, this light encompasses all the love and care you have showered on these young adults over the years. You have helped, advised, assisted and no doubt you will continue to do so for many years to come. To all our young people, you are the future. Within you, you embody change, hope and enthusiasm for a brighter, better tomorrow. Cherish this light, protect it and mind it. At times it may grow dim, it may even flicker and struggle but with your guidance, care and attention it will remain strong and thrive. It is something valuable; a gift, that in time you will pass on to others."

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