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Saint of tooday
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'September Colour'
  Photo was taken yesterday at Scala House, Blackrock Road, Cork (Irl)  
These beautiful flowers were looking their best yesterday and gave little clue that Storm Ali would be crossing Ireland today.
Thought For Today

'When today becomes exactly like yesterday, then I may have lost the plot' ~Jack McArdle

It is only natural that we compare today with other days and with events in the past. Those who keep diaries or journals are often fascinated by things they did a few years ago or even what they did this day last year. Keeping a journal is recommended as a very good and healthy thing to do. Getting words down on paper can help clear your head of thoughts and ideas that are creating a confusion. While there is some overlap in what we do from year to year, there can never be close comparisons because today is so much different to yesterday, the day before and every day in the past.

If today is exactly like yesterday in our own lives, then maybe it's time to take a look at why this may be so. Today is God's precious gift to us. It's the only day we can do something that will make a real and lasting difference. While today will not be perfect, with challenges and distractions, it is up to us to make this day our own and leave our mark on it. God asks nothing more from any of us only to do our best. How am I going to leave my mark on this day.

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