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'Bursting With Promise'
  Photo was taken at Altamount, Millstreet, Co.Cork  
As this week is the spring mid term break for schools I am going to share some pictures of spring througout the coming week. It may be February but already there are signs of new life everywhere.

This is a Magnolia bud, busting with spring promise and when the time is right will reveal beautiful white flowers.
Thought For Today

Thought For The Week

'The most important thing in life is to have stability and an anchor. If you have nothing in life to hold you in place, you're like a ship at the mercy of the tides. You could end up drifting anywhere.' ~John Harris

One has to marvel at life today. There are endless opportunities available to everyone. Technology has made incredible advances in recent years. Everything is nearly at the touch of a button and in an instant. Life expectancy is much longer, medicine has evolved at a rapid pace and we are looking after ourselves much better. Education opportunities have opened up a whole new world and we have access to so much.

But if you take a few steps back from the hectic pace of life, it seems that the world we live in today is without an anchor. For many people their lives also seem to be without an anchor. While we may seemingly have everything, there is still something missing. Some find they are drifting through life, sometimes aimlessly and find that life is passing them by with nothing to show for it. This prompts a few important questions for each of us. Who or what is our anchor in life? Who brings stability and meaning to your life? If life is hectic for you, what is your anchor to help slow you down and allows you to make quality time for yourself?

Only we can honestly answer these for ourselves. If we don't have an anchor we are at clearly at a loss and as a result are always catching up. Thankfully the door is never locked. We can begin to find a meaningful anchor in our lives any time but the search is best started today. It is also an opportune time to appreciate the existing anchors in our lives, be it a family member, a soul mate or a really close friend. It is also an opportune time to be grateful for other anchors, particularly interests like gardening, going for a walk, art, dancing, playing cards, cycling, sport, mindfulness, prayer time, meeting up with friends, music, drama and so much more.

Another hugely significant anchor is a spiritual one and that of course is God. This can mean lots of different things to people, but any connection with God is most definitely an important anchor. When life gets difficult or there is an unexpected crisis we need stability. This is where faith comes in and it can be such a crucial anchor. In the film 'The Bucket List', a key line from one of the main characters Edward goes as follows: "I envy people who have faith. I just can't get my head around it." We can turn to our loving God, our anchor, at any time. It doesn't have to be when a storm is blowing, but is best done each day, quietly and without fuss. This ensures that when a storm does blow, we are ready.

Next update of Thought For The Week will be Monday Feb 27th

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