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  Photo was taken at Flatanger, North West Norway

I normally change the photo each day but this picture is one of my favourites and I am going to share it again for today Friday
This is a Golden Tailed Eagle. It is one of the most beautiful birds when in full flight. They have been introduced to Ireland in recent years with some success. The young birds would have originally been sourced from Norway where there numbers are strong. The biggest problem in Ireland has been the poisoning of the birds but it is now a criminal offence to intentionally poison these birds. Some of the eagles are now rearing their own young in Ireland which is great news.
Thought For Today

Thought For The Week

"We must remember that we are all called to 'mission' and this does not necessarily mean to work abroad or to only give financial support. It is not a coincidence that one of the patrons of mission is St Therese of Lisieux, even though she never left her convent. Her example shows that we are called to be missionaries in our own communities also. Can we be missionaries to our own families and to the people around us?" ~Jane Mellett

Last Sunday was Mission Sunday. It is celebrated each year towards the end of October. Mission Sunday is set aside to celebrate so many good and positive faith stories all over the world. God's presence is to be found in so many countries, cultures and different walks of life. While we mark so many good things happening in our world there are also sadly some horrible things happening too. In recent months and weeks, a day doesn't go by when we are reminded of the war in Syria and the devastation caused to places like Aleppo. It is completely outside our control as to what happens in places like Syria but we are encouraged to pray for peace.

We might say what's the point in trying to connect and pray for other countries? It really won't make much of a difference. Mission Sunday reminds us that it does. Mission makes sure that we don't lose our sense of who we are and that we are part of a bigger picture. Mission is not just about celebrating God's story in one particular area of the world but that somehow every country and person is connected in some way. Our faith and belief in God is deepened, enhanced and made more meaningful when we embrace diversity and other viewpoints. Mission Sunday is recognising that God often works quietly through each of us. When you begin to connect all our stories something really special is taking place. Mission Sunday is a celebration of that something special.

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